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Windsor’s Preferred Company for Welding

Make the smarter choice for your business. Tusken Engineering is an experienced welder, delivering high-quality results on any timeframe. Suitable for projects of any size and complexity, our welding services utilise the most skilled labour to deliver a superior quality of workmanship, ensuring that your business always has the support it needs.


We’re dedicated to developing cost-effective solutions for local businesses. We understand the challenges faced by organisations of every size and want to offer a service that comprehensively addresses your needs while meeting all required deadlines and fitting within your budget. With experience working across industries as diverse as pumping and electrical, defence and storage, we bring an invaluable breadth and depth of knowledge to every job. Discuss your requirements with us today and find out how we could help you.


Ideal for complex & time-sensitive welding projects

Whatever you need, our skilled welders can provide it. Tusken Engineering offers the services of qualified Certificate III tradesmen competent in:

  • TIG welding
  • MIG welding
  • Stick welding
  • Pulse welding

Our skilled tradespeople are can work with stainless steel, mild steel and aluminium using modern Kempi Welding Machines. A modern jobbing shop, we are capable of taking on all welded and fabricated products, delivering the same superior work whether we’re working on one small coupling guard or welding 1000 brackets together. We understand that the quality of our work can have a real impact on your business’ operations, so we take our partnership with your organisation very seriously, ensuring that all work meets our exceptionally high standards. Don’t put your business at risk; choose a company that understands your needs and the importance of delivering quality work and speak to the team at Tusken Engineering.


Start a conversation about welding today

Please feel free to ask our opinion on the most economical method to produce your required products. With a broad area of expertise and more than a decade of experience supporting organisations across the city, we help more people in more places accomplish their business goals. We’ve partnered with businesses around Sydney, in suburbs including:


Discuss your needs with our technicians today. Send us your questions via email at or call us directly at our South Windsor workshop on (02) 4577 6637 to learn more.